Andy Comic magician, juggler - Hong Kong
Andy Comic magician, juggler - Hong Kong Presenting the award winning entertainer Andy Comic. With over 15 years experience, Andy has performed in over 12 countries including Germany, USA, Canada and Australia. A truly versatile entertainer who performs any place from corporate functions and comedy clubs to children's parties.

Stage Show

Requirements - stage , microphone , sound desk with mp3 input (MP3 provided by Andy Comic)

Glove - Andy Comic begins his stage show with his award winning routine with consists of blowing a rubber glove up on his head whilst inflating his entire body with a specially built inflatable suit - this is a must-see act.

Balls - Andy then shows off his amazing juggling skills with a talking comedy routine of 3 ,4 and then 5 ball juggling.

Drink Balance Andy Comic then balances a full glass of beverage on three chop sticks.

3 ball spin - A real signature trick of Andy's. A child is asked up on stage and three large balls are spun and placed on the child at the same time. A present is then given to the child

Magic with a volunteer - A volunteer is asked to help Andy Comic perform a magic trick with very funny consequences for the assistant.

Balloon - Andy now offers a balloon animal as a gift to the volunteer but actually teaches the child how to make it themselves with often hilarious results.

Ping Pong Balls - A hilarious routine done with two ping pong balls juggled with the mouth.

Uni / Fire - The HUGE finale of the show. For large shows a 6 foot unicycle or if height doesn't permit, a normal unicycle. Two volunteers are asked to come forward , one holds the juggling items the while Andy climbs up his one wheeled wonder and finishes by riding the unicycle and juggling a knife , a fire torch , a juggling club and a spinning ball at the same time.